Boa Vida Coffee Cart

Boa Vida Coffee Cart provides a full espresso bar for all your coffee catering needs in Kelowna BC. We are professional baristas ready to enhance your event and wow your guests!

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Why Choose Us

Coffee is not just a drink. It is Boa vida... The good life. Coffee creates a culture of friendship, community, and togetherness. People gather around with a Boa Vida coffee in hand and share stories, memories, dreams, and well... life. The good life.

Our Kelowna coffee cart experience isn't just a "drink cart". We raise the "bar" and treat your guests to delicious brews.

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To Go Coffee

Chai Latte

Hot Cocoa



Flat White

Long Black




When the details matter...

Nothing beats a Boa Vida Coffee

Attention to detail is something that we pride ourselves in. Life in the Okanagan is full of experiences and its the fine details in those experiences that make them memorable.

Our Mission isn't only to serve amazing coffee in and around Kelowna, but also have an authentic connection. In a time where life is moving so fast, we revel in slowing down, tuning in, sipping some amazing coffee, sparking a conversation, sharing our passion, and learning about yours
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Private Events In Kelowna

Kelowna is filled amazing venues for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversary Celebrations, family and friends gatherings, and so many more private events. Our mobile coffee cart can enhance your parties providing the ultimate community experience.

Private Events
Private Events
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Corporate Events

Why not talk business over a great cup of coffee and have a meaningful connection with your clients and co-workers? Lets do this together...

Corporate Events
Corporate Events
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Local Barista Training

If you are a beginner, a home barista or getting behind the bar with dreams of making amazing coffee, Boa Vida Coffee can help you get there. Contact us to learn about our training packages for groups and individuals looking to elevate their coffee making skills in Kelowna!

Barista Training
Barista Training
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Coffee Catering

Sometimes you want to just add a little flair to your event without going crazy. Boa Vida Coffee Cart's coffee catering service does that. Lighten the mood and bring people together with our one of a kind coffee catering experience!

Corporate Events
Coffee Catering

Book a coffee cart!

Give your guests the Good Life!