Amazing coffee, and authentic connection. In a time where life is moving so fast, we revel in slowing down, tuning in, sipping some amazing coffee, sparking a conversation, sharing our passion, and learning about yours.

About Us

After 13 years of living out their dream of professionally dancing together on cruise ships, Eder and Megan took on their greatest adventure yet, putting down roots in Kelowna and having their daughter. Eder took a job as a barista and his passion for coffee quickly blossomed. A couple years of learning about coffee, Eder decided it was time to create something that encompassed his passions- coffee, connecting people, and balanced family life. And so, Boa Vida was born. “Boa Vida” Portuguese for “Good Life”. The ingredients for a good life as we know it: community, connection, coffee. 

Megan & Family